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Tunnelling Solutions Experts in Tunnel
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Tunnelling Solutions is an Australian Company with experts in tunnel planning and construction. Our team of talented and seasoned engineers, consultants, supervisors and tunnellers have decades of experience in major infrastructure projects, council capital works, various pedestrian underpasses as well as providing specialist supervised labour solutions.

We are structured to support both project development and delivery. We provide our clients with specialist overall knowledge through the entire project life cycle and enjoy a solid reputation both within Australia and around the globe.

Our mission is to provide exceptional outcomes for our clients through delivery, leadership and respect. We have been in the forefront of the industry in development of Safety Culture and Behavioural Based Safety. Our culture is one of care where we work together with our clients and employees to ensure a safe approach to the works we deliver.
  • Project Delivery
  • Project Support
  • Consulting Services

Our Values


We will do what we say nothing less.
We will demand excellence in all that we do.
We will ensure our customers are always satisfied by giving them the solution they require.


We will always apply our extensive Knowledge to ensure we find the appropriate solutions
We will use our extensive network of engineers to research and deliver effective innovation.
We will always lead by example ensuring we keep ahead of the game.


We will encourage people to talk up and value what they say.
We will operate in an open and honest manner
We will deliver a culture which will be underpinned by Leadership, our Core Values and professional behaviours.

Our Clients Companies We Work With

Integrated Management Systems

Tunnelling Solutions Quality, Safety & Environmental Management Systems are approved and certified as applicable to Specialist Tunnelling Consultancy and Construction Services by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance
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