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Tunnelling Solutions has recently purchased an Akkerman 240A Guided Boring Machine for the installation of large diameter Canopy Tubes for the Norwest Pedestrian Tunnel.   They have also purchased an Electric Butor Tunnel Excavator from Metalliance in France.

This type of equipment requires extensive training for safe and efficient operation and will also reduce any learning curve on the project.

Matt Lyle will head off on a two week trip to visit both Factories with his first stop being Browsdale, Minnesota in the USA where Akkerman will ensure he receives full training and education on the operation, maintenance and setting up of the machine.  (The weather in Minnesota this time of year is pretty cold with temperatures around -10c – so good luck with that Matt.)

Once Matt has completed 5 days training in the USA, he will fly to the Metalliance facility which is in Saint Vallier, France where he is scheduled to complete a similar exercise with the Butor.

Tunnelling Solutions are completely committed to training their team to ensure they always remain ahead of the game.