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Tunnelling Solutions has recently purchased some specialised tunnelling equipment – Akkermann 240A GBM and Butor TEM74E.

The Akkermann 240A Guided Boring Machine which has recently arrived from the USA will give Tunnelling Solutions the ability to install large canopy tubes into precise positions.  The system relies on a laser guided pilot tube to be installed first which then is attached to the canopy tube.  Once attached, the canopy tube is jacked through the ground while the material is removed by internal augers.  The GBM 240A will soon be installing 40m long canopy tubes which are 350mm diameter through soft and hard ground conditions on Tunnelling Solutions projects in Sydney.

Tunnelling Solutions has also developed a hydraulic jacking frame which the GBM240A will be mounted on to enable them to adjust levels to suit the installation of tubes around the crown of a tunnel

Another addition to the Tunnelling Solutions Plant list is the Butor TEM74E which is a specialised tunnel excavator manufactured by Metalliance in France. Tunnelling Solutions are the first to import and use this kind of tunnel excavator in Australia as this machine is ideally suited for work on smaller diameter tunnels such as pedestrian tunnels and cross passages.   It has good power to weight ratio; multiple degrees of rotation; utilises various ground engagement tools; can be operated remotely and is powered by an electric motor which will assist in the management of ventilation.