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The atmosphere at head office was busting with enthusiasm and excitement.  We were preparing to deliver construction for a prospective project; and we needed to hire around 100 workers within 3-4 weeks.

We take people and safety seriously and our recruitment process reflects this.  Our priority is to deliver a safe job so it goes without saying that it’s very important for us to find individuals that fit our company culture.  We look for people with the right attitude, behaviour and communication skills.  Experience is not always the only factor to consider.

A safer working culture is achieved when employees with the right character and behaviours are engaged; and that starts at the recruitment stage.

We needed to get an expert to manage the recruitment process, so we called in Jo Jeffs.  Jo was the right person for this job, she had the experience, skills and personality – but most importantly, she understood our company culture.  Jo got right into it;  she compiled, collated and checked applications.  She conducted behavioural interviews, reference checked and created detailed list after list for final section.  All the while keeping applicants updated regularly.  Our Director of Project Delivery, Harry Lyle and the Project Manager, Pat Fahey, personally sat through every interview to ensure the right people were selected.  At the end of the period, they met around 100 candidates.

It was a thorough and detailed process.  We were amazed at the number of applications we received.  We didn’t need to advertise – word spread throughout our network like wild fire.

Within a month, we had succeeded at compiling a workforce org chart.  Crews for day shift, night shift and bull gang – all headed by foremen and supervisors……We delivered!