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Cross Passage Works






Chennai, India

This was Tunnelling Solutions’ first project since it was formed at the end of 2014.

Tunnelling Solutions were contracted to assist with supervision in the construction of cross passages. It was a particularly dangerous and challenging project. Ground conditions were soft and wet and the area above was densely populated.

Due to conditions, this job required a team of experts. With their vast knowledge in the industry, Tunnelling Solutions were able to put together and dispatch from various countries, a team of specialists familiar with similar conditions to Chennai. Working day and night, TS’s crew of unique experts managed to overcome the challenges of wet sand and ever changing conditions and work progressed steadily.

This project was very large and major for the city of Chennai and is to be completed in various phases and Tunnelling Solutions’ completed their job as planned and without incident.

In accordance with our contract, Tunnelling Solutions are unable to provide any photos – however, details on this project, can be found on The Chennai Metro Rail Project site.

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