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Specialist Supervision & Labour

Guidance, technical advice, contractual and commercial support to the pre-contracts and operational teams in all aspects of plant selection, procurement and implementation including plant maintenance and inspections.

In Australia the right supervision and labour combined with the right approach to industrial relations is critical to a projects success. Tunnelling Solutions with its experience in successfully delivering tunnelling infrastructure projects in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth can not only provide you with the right specialist supervision and labour your tunnelling project needs but also with the right approach to managing your industrial relations underground.

Tunnelling Solutions are able to do this by utilising its extensive network within Australia developed though the management of supervision and labour on large infrastructure projects such as Brisbane AirportLink, EastLink and Lane Cove. This network can ensure the right people and the right culture is brought onto your Project and thereby providing a critical foundation for its success.

Methods & Solutions Development

Technical resources and support to both the pre-contracts and operational sides of the business to ensure that appropriate technical methods are developed and reviewed

Through it’s innovative business model Tunnelling Solutions are able to provide the right people to work with you in the development of the right methodology or solution to your particular tunnelling challenge. This capability can be employed by Asset owners, Consultants and Contractors alike and at any stage of a Projects evolution from feasibility studies and planning approvals right through to the pre-contracts or delivery phases of your project.

Methods and solutions developed with Tunnelling Solutions are based on project delivery experience and as such are founded on actual productivity, cost and risk management bench marks. This ensures that the solutions developed are not only time and cost effective but can be delivered safely and to the required quality.

Design & Engineering Reviews

Engineering and design management resources support, and for the development of strategic engineering and design management applications.

Tunnelling Solutions have the right people, with the right experience and networks to assist you with developing a tunnel design solution that is not only safe to build but is also cost and time effective and meets local standards.

Their approach is based on actual experience in managing and working with all of the major tunnel design consultants in Australia and ensuring the integration of innovation into the design development throughout the life cycle on large infrastructure projects within Australia and off shore. This means we have a complete appreciation of what critical design work needs to be completed at each stage of a projects development to ensure that is ultimately approved and available for use by the construction team.

This approach, based on lessons learnt on numerous tunnel infrastructure projects maximises the return on your design development budget whilst facilitating usable and timely I.F.C design documentation.

Engineering Peer reviews have become an important tool in managing key project delivery risks. They are carried out not only in Project delivery phase to ensure quality, safety and productivity targets are achieved but also during the design and construction methodology develop that occurs during tender development as well as feasibility studies.

Tunnelling Solutions, given their extensive tunnel construction and peer review experience are well placed and qualified to assist in reviewing and providing a detailed report into the key risk areas at critical stages of a tender or projects development. Key risk areas that people such as Craig Farr and Harry Lyle have previously peer reviewed include concept and detailed design development, productivity and costs estimates, construction management plans as well as project wide safety and quality inspections.

Specialist Construction Services

From shaft and cross passage construction right through to tunnel boring machine assembly and commissioning, tunnel excavation as well as permanent concrete/waterproof linings.

Tunnelling Solutions based on its expertise and industry networks are able to provide an unparalleled ability to manage and deliver any component of your tunnelling project. From shaft and cross passage construction right through to tunnel boring machine assembly and commissioning, tunnel excavation as well as permanent concrete/waterproof linings. Tunnelling Solutions not only have successfully delivered this type of work before it has access to the resources, specialist subcontractors and equipment to successfully plan and deliver it for your project.

Having managed large infrastructure projects themselves Tunnelling Solutions are acutely aware of the issues associated with delivering any and all components associated with a tunnelling project and therefore can offer up and directly manage smart solutions that can be delivered without adversely impacting your overall operations, thereby enabling you and your team to remain focused on overall project delivery.

Specialist Training

Effective commercial and contractual advice to the business unit. To produce commercial & financial management systems to ensure statutory commercial requirements are met via accurate and timely reports, financial planning advice / initiatives.

Since the Melbourne City Link Project was delivered back in the late 1990’s the local tunnelling industry has typically been required to support one major tunnel project at a time but has also been blessed with a pipeline of work that ensured at least one major tunnelling project was being delivered ever since. This has enabled the industry and the workforce to move from one project to the next.

However going forward, not only are government clients increasingly looking to the industry to upskill the local workforce rather than import offshore labour, the amount of tunnelling infrastructure works anticipated to come to the market over the next decade will dictate that need to provide specialist training develop a tunnelling workforce from outside the industry.

Tunnelling Solutions are well placed to assist the industry in this challenge as both Craig Farr and Harry Lyle have been involved in not only recruiting but then upskilling supervision and labour from outside the tunnelling industry and in the process developing the right culture with respect to safety and quality without adversely impacting productivity. Under pinning this approach has been the development and delivery of specific specialist training and on boarding processes which can be tailored to meet your specific project or client needs.

Estimating & Planning

Programme and planning support and for the development of strategic planning systems, project and information controls and applications related to Tunnelling Division with the intent of providing a technical & commercial advantage over the tunnelling competition.

The development of accurate time and cost estimates at every stage of a projects development is fundamental to the success of, not only the project itself, but each and every party involved in the projects development and ultimate delivery.

Tunnelling Solutions can provide estimating and planning support with the intent of providing greater surety on budget and time allocations for a specific task or your overall Project. This support is underpinned by actual project experience that ensures that the cost plans, estimates, cycle times or programmes are developed and then bench marked against what has been actually delivered in the field.

In utilising this experience Tunnelling Solutions ensures that lessons learnt from past projects are built into the cost and time allocations for your project thereby reducing the overall project risk profile.
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