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As part of this service, we offer:

Tunnel, Shaft Excavation and Support

We have vast experience in shaft and tunnel excavation from design to delivery.

Permanent and Temporary Shotcrete Application

We have delivered multiple aspects of shotcrete application with both hand spray and robotic methods.

Ground Support

Ground support is an area we are passionate about in ensuring the correct method is applied.

Ground Treatment

Our team has extensive knowledge of soft ground conditions from around the globe and are able to adapt the most suitable treatment method for the respective ground type.

Auger Boring & Pipe Jacking

Our wide range of Auger boring equipment together with our expert experience within Pipe Jacking enables us to offer multiple solutions within this area.

Canopy Tube Installation

Canopy tubes seem to be the "Go To" for temporary support and Tunnelling Solutions have now installed tubes from 100mm diameter - 610mm diameter up to distances of 40m

Tunnel Lining and Waterproofing

We have provided multiple water proofing solutions all which have been successfully applied by our own team of specialists.

Drill & Blast Method

Within our team, we have certified drill and blast experts who have managed drill and blast tunnelling throughout Australia.

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